Csharpcoder – new blog announcement

It s been a while since I wanted to start a blog on technical issues, especially related to .NET/C# programming. Given the general nature of my current blog I found it inappropriate posting on those topics here. I have finally decided to start a new blog just to discuss programming issues. Behold the csharpcoder!


I describe this new blog as a blog about .NET coding in general and C# coding in particular. Its goal is to communicate with the C# developer community by posting useful tips and sharing pain points .

Please friend this blog if you are interested in those topics. Also, do send a link to anyone else who might want to read it – I want it to have big exposure (otherwise what s the point of doing it?)

I am not sure how frequently I will write there but I will definitely post anything interesting/non-trivial I come upon!

Я решил открыть новый блог для технических вопросов, особенно по теме программирования .NET/C#. Я буду там писать только по-английски. Если вас интересует эта тема, пожалуйста, зафрендьте этот новый блог, а так же сообщите тем своим друзьям, которые могли бы заинтересованы в нем: csharpcoder.livejournal.com/

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